I can’t say enough about the caring, loving people who care for my Mom. They go way above and beyond when it comes to both physical and emotional needs. For myself and my family, they are all an extension of family and friends. She is provided well balanced meals, always delicious, which she really enjoys. The activities are always fun with crafts, bingo, reading and music. All their personal needs are met through love and lots of caring. They rate an A+!

~ Nancy , daughter of resident Marie


“My mother’s journey began in November 2013 when she was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and was admitted to Aurora Hospital.   Upon discharge from the hospital she went to Cedar Springs for rehabilitation.  On February 24, 2014, she moved into her new home, Anita’s Gardens in Grafton.

My mother has always been very active with outside activities, and the concept of Assisting Living was new to me. I was not sure what to expect.  I only wanted the best for my mom.

My decision on sending my mom to Anita’s Gardens was based on the staff and all that they had to offer. They are very caring people and they seem to want the same for my mother as I do.  My mother has improved dramatically since coming to Anita’s Gardens.  She is always involved in some type of activity and she is even known as the “Bookie” for the Packer games.  She loves the staff.  They are very attentive to her needs.

I feel very comfortable going to the staff with any concerns that my family may have. They will address any concerns. No matter how small you think a complaint may be, it is important that you tell them. They want to do everything they can do to make my mom more comfortable.

Melissa (Activities Director) works very hard on keeping the residents busy with various types of daily activities.  They have Packer days, decorating competition for the holidays, cookouts in the summer, and movie night.  I remember one day, I was going to come see my mom, and she told me that they are having a slumber party and to come another night.

Family members are encouraged to participate in birthday parties, holiday parties or bring any ideas that they may have for improvement.

Anita’s has always kept me updated with any changes whether it was regarding my mom or the facility.

To this day, my mother is more active and goes out more than I do.

My family is very grateful to Anita’s Gardens. It is a great feeling that we know she is well taken care of and most importantly that she is happy.

My mother considers all the residents and staff of Anita’s Gardens an extension of her family”

~Cindy, daughter of resident Virginia


“In 2012 it became apparent to our family that, despite our best efforts, our Mother was no longer able to continue living in her own home. For her own safety and health we made the difficult decision to move our Mother into an assisted living facility. This was difficult because at the time, Mom did not accept this decision (and perhaps she never did), but for our family knowing that she was safe and cared for 24 hours of every day was our paramount concern. Our sister, Nancy, took it upon herself to find the very best facility in which Mom could live, be safe, be well cared-for and be as happy as she could be. She recalls walking into the facility that eventually became Anita’s Gardens in Plymouth, Wisconsin and immediately feeling as if she had found that place… A small facility with less than 30 residents, Anita’s Gardens in Plymouth feels like and is, home. There is a sense of peace and serenity the moment that you walk in. Spend a little time among the staff and residents and what you see is a loving, caring environment where people – their care, their emotions, their spirit and their dignity – come first. Often you are greeted with the smell of a delicious meal cooking or the simple, clean scent of a peaceful home. The staff works very hard to decorate for every holiday and they do a terrific job. In the kitchen, the staff takes extra care to provide home-cooked, from-scratch meals and special treats for special occasions. There always seems to be something happening at Anita’s Gardens too – craft circles, musical events, church services – even happy hour!  There are gathering places and a fireplace with books and puzzles nearby. In all of the time that our Mom lived at Anita’s Gardens, not once did we visit our Mom and not find her well-kempt and cared for; it was obvious each time that the staff took extra care every day to fix her hair, put on her make-up and perfume and coordinate her clothing, usually to match the color that her nails were painted each week in the on-site salon. Mom was always especially proud of her hair and the staff took time every day to make sure that her hair was done and that she was looking her best. One of the things that our Mom cherished was being able to sit outside in the sunshine and the staff made sure that she got to do that as much as possible (always making sure to protect her with sunscreen!). During each of our visits we were able to observe the interaction of the staff with our Mom – everyone from housekeeping to the nurses – and saw with each person – without exception – how much they loved our Mother. We could see on our Mom’s face the happiness and smiles that each staff member brought to her. Often the staff stopped in her room when we were there for no other reason than to chat and tell us how much they enjoyed being with Mom. Sadly, in late 2014 our Mom succumbed to a variety of health issues and passed away on Thanksgiving Day. During the time of her illness we saw again and again how much she had come to mean to each staff member; they provided her with gentle, loving care through her last moments and beyond. They cried along with us as we went through this journey and when it came time for our Mother’s service, two of the staff members drove across the state in the early morning hours to attend. It is difficult to put into words how much all of this has meant to us, from the moment that our mother began living at Anita’s Gardens up until now, when visits to the facility still solicit comments from the staff about how much they loved and still miss our Mom. When you are confronted with the decision to move your loved one into a facility for a higher level of care, what is top of mind is their safety, their welfare and their happiness. At Anita’s Gardens, the staff shares these concerns and they go above and beyond each day to provide for this for each of the people that are entrusted to their care. Each person who lives there is a special person, a unique individual, and they are treated with love and respect always. The peace of mind and the happiness that you derive from knowing that your loved one is in such good hands is worth more than words can express.” With our sincere and lasting gratitude for all that you did for us and for our mother. 

~ The family of Ursula McLaughlin

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